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Determine if your links in are helping or hurting your search engine rankings!

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Check and see which engines find you popular and who needs more work.

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Check and see which engines find you popular and who needs more work.

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Our service helps find the often searched yet low competition keywords.

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Link Relevancy and Link Quality Score

Modern search engines measure just three things:

  1. Words on the page - keyword density - is still important, and all the top pages do it.

  2. Total number of links to your page, called link popularity,

  3. The text of links that point at the page, called page reputation. This is a critical part of ranking in all modern search engines, especially Google

Unless you optimize all three, you'll have trouble getting and keeping the top position.

Most everyone has heard of link popularity and knows how essential it is to obtaining top rankings. You've probably also noticed that search engines keep getting smarter. These days they not only count how many links there are to your site they also measure the quality of those links. In fact, the most important element of relevance is what those incoming links are saying about your site.

That means that the words people are putting into the link they use to send traffic to your site is the MOST important relevancy factor. This tool will help to track down those links to insure they're using the right words as they point to your site.

There are just three simple steps to achieving a top ranking on the search engines:

  1. Pick a search term and find the top ranked site.

  2. Compare your site to the top site using Link Reputation tool.

  3. Change your own linking structure until it is better than the #1 site.

That's it. You're done. The hardest part is waiting for the search engines to update!